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Strange Reality: Constellation Installation 2018 | Postgraduate Exhibition, National Art School |Acrylic on board, vinyl, Perspex, silver foil, glitter, LED neon flex | 1.8m x 2.5m 

Blue Glitter Splice | Acrylic paint on plywood, glitter, LED neon flex | 120cm x 55cm 

Strange Reality: Constellation 2018 | Installation view EMANATE: Graduates from The National Art School 2018

Imaginary Space in Blue and Orange 2018 | Acrylic, spray paint, glitter, LED neon and perspex on canvas | 150 x 150cm 

Imaginary Spaces Series 2018 | Installation view, National Art School 

Imaginary Place in Purple and Yellow 2018  | Acrylic, glitter on board | 50 x 50cm
Finalist in the Waverley Woollahra Art Prize

Kitsch Candy 2018 | National Art School 

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